Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Citizen Kane....my first REAL classic movie review...

While browsing the DVDs at my local library, I came across Citizen Kane, the 1941 Academy Award winning classic, starring Orson Welles. I had heard of it, and knew it was considered a classic. I figured I'd culture myself and watch it.

While this film does not have amazing action scenes, dazzling special effects, or even an exciting story, it does capture the essence of man. Man who was given away for money. Man who could get almost anything he wanted. We journeyed with that man. We saw that man at his best, though he never achieved what he could, and we saw him at his worst.

Charles Foster Kane didn't have God, he never really loved, and he strove for the love of others, to win the hearts of the people. His people.

I thought the film was brilliantly written, with the perfect ending. I would recommend anyone who is mature enough to watch it. It earned the title classic.

Citizen Kane was made before ratings, but I wouldn't show it to kids, they wouldn't get it and would probably be bored. I give it 9 ramheads out of 10.


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