Monday, January 10, 2011

How can infinite come to an end?

I liked him in Juno, but he plays almost the same person in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008). You know, Michael Cera, the fat kid from Arrested Development, who stars in alot of almost indie/mainstream films (he's not fat anymore).

Nick and Norah is kind of a stumbling film with minimal plot and likable characters. Nick is a nice guy, who recently broke up with a girl and is trying to get her back by burning CDs for her. She immediately throws them away, because she's a bitch. [Excuse my French.] Norah (Kat Dennings) is the one who picks up the mixed CDs and loves them. She also happens to need him to pretend to be her boyfriend. That is where it starts.

Through a long night of trying to locate Norah's drunken friend and searching for the legendary band "Where's Fluffly" in New York, the 17 year olds end up together and, though they had only met a few hours before, end up having sex. Yup. Up until this point I was enjoying the film. Nick and Norah are both nice people, but I don't like how our society requires sex for a relationship to be legitimate. Doesn't anyone wait until marriage anymore? Movies and TV seem to tell us otherwise. I still have hope that people don't all act like they see others in the media.

Another question I have is where are their parents? How can seven 17-year-olds wander NYC all night without even a call from parents? I'm sure it happens, but seriously? Oh well...

This film is entertaining, the characters are likeable, but the plot doesn't go very far. The characters don't develop too much either. Also, the sex, though not shown on screen, is annoying.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist runs 90 minutes and is rated PG-13. I give it a slightly above average 6 ramheads out of 10.


  1. A) Fun Fact for the Uninformed:

    Nick and Nora did not have sex! It is ok! Sex is everywhere so I can see why your mind jumped there. However, Nick actually just stimulated her with his finger so...No actual SEX took place. Was it needed? Meh maybe not, but it was not as graphic as you made it out to be.

    B) Remember this IS a movie. As in for entertainment? A scene where the parents called to ask how they were is not always natural to the rest of the movie. yes yes responsibility and all of that but...Hey maybe their parents trust them? (I know mine do) Or maybe it just happened off camera.
    At the very least, Nora's parents seem at least a little bit estranged. And Caroline dropped her phone in the toilet presumably ruining it.

    C) What is a Ram's Head?

  2. Whatever took place, sex or "stimulation" (which is still mostly sex), it doesn't matter, my opinion is still the same. Also, where did you hear this?

    As for the parent thing, I was just throwing that out there...I know it is entertainment, but it really didn't seem realistic that a few high schoolers could drive around NYC all night.

    A ramhead is the first random picture I could find on my computer and I decided to turn it into a rating system.

    Anything else?

  3. Its in the book the movie is based off of. I personally found Nick and Nora to be the most Straight Laced characters in the movie despite the one discrepancy.

    I agree it is not realistic. Buutttt I also maintain it is a movie haha. You gotta keep the entertainment up.

    And ok! I just thought the Ram's Head was really random but now I know!

  4. I don't think Michael Cera was "fat" on Arrested Development.

  5. I was talking about on the first season when he was pretty chubby.