Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update: I'm still alive!

No, I didn't die.  I'm just employed.  But I did get a chance to re-theme this blog for Christmas.  What do you think?

I thought that this year, instead of telling you my favorite Christmas films, I would tell you my favorite Christmas TV episodes.  Before I divulge my list of favorite Christmas TV episodes, I would be interested to know some of your favorites (leave a comment).
Hogsmeade (in the end of June)

One more bit of news is that I am now the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle Touch.  It is a wonderful device that is highly portable and encourages me to read more.  I still love and read real books, but the Kindle is an nice way to read as well.  I would definitely recommend it if you are interested.

Finally, I just wanted to express my sheer joy in the fact that there is snow on the ground in Wisconsin.  It feels more like the season and I am very happy.  (Also, if you type "let it snow" into Google,  you get an awesome surprise.)


  1. Seinfeld's Festivus, just to get it out of the way. The claymation Community episode was a thing of hilarious beauty, as was Futurama's Xmas Story. And to round it out, I'll go with the Twilight Zone episode Night of the Meek.

  2. Good call on the Seinfeld episode!  The Community episode was the first on my list.  I haven't seen Futurama's and the TZ one.  I'll have to watch them.  Thanks for the input!